The Deadpool Syndrome

I make mistakes.

My family is probably nodding in agreement right now, but it’s true. I make mistakes and sometimes rather significant ones. I think we all know by experience that owning up to a mistake (or in my case, a wrong opinion) is no easy task, hence why most stick to their guns and duke it out to the bitter end. So let me ‘fess up here and now and say that I was wrong.

Many of you know that I am a fan of Marvel and of comics in general. So naturally, when I heard about the new Deadpool movie coming up, I was beyond excited. Now, before you write me and this post off, please read the rest of this article. For those who aren’t familiar with the character, Deadpool is a fictional, fourth-wall breaking, katana-toting, sarcastic, and humorous mercenary who loves to…how to put this lightly…kill people.

I know, I know. Where’s the appeal in such a character? For me personally, I loved that Deadpool knew he was a comic book character, and his sly jokes poking fun at Marvel and the other superheroes always made me chuckle. I tend to have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, so I naturally enjoyed such a snarky character. Secondly, Deadpool isn’t a villain or a hero, he’s technically an anti-hero, giving him a grey moral ambiguity that is becoming more and more popular with our culture. It appears America’s fascination with Byronic traits (cynical, morally polarized outcasts with distaste for social norms) has carried over even to comic book characters.

However, Deadpool isn’t all jokes and laughs. The character is also well-known for his excessive use of foul language and promiscuity. He’s not called the Merc with a Mouth for nothing, people. Again, why would you like a character like that? This is where I confess some more: I basically forgot about or conveniently ignored Deadpool’s less admirable traits. In comics, f-bombs become merely symbols ($@#!), making it easy to forget the real words behind them, and any talk of wayward sexual activity can be brushed aside with a flip of the page. Sure, some comic iterations had a more “hardcore” Deadpool that talked like a sailor and acted like a high, drunk, college student, but hey, I just liked him because he was funny! That was just one version of a complex character, liking his humorous side didn’t mean I supported the cursing, sex, and drugs. Right?

Fast forward several months, and all the internet was ablaze because OMG THEYRE MAKING A UNPRINTABLE DEADPOOL MOVIE AND WEVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS AND I CANT UNPRINTABLE WAIT OH MY UNPRINTABLE FEELS AAAHHHHHHHH. There folks. I just summed up most fandoms and their accompanying language for you so you don’t have to plunge into that dark abyss yourself. You’re welcome. Anyways, suffice it to say I was looking forward to the prospect of a Deadpool movie in February. Sure it was rated R, but it can’t be that bad….

I had liked his funny, “harmless” side so much I ignored what the character really represented: the basest of human characteristics.

Speed up again to February when the Deadpool movie landed and every fan went crazy. I had watched some of the trailers and that’s when it hit me: Deadpool is crass and unethical, and that is how he was designed to be. He’s not some misrepresented Phantom of the Opera that the world just “doesn’t understand,” he is a primal character driven by primal desires: eat, sleep, have sex, kill. The movie embraced this persona whole-heartedly, and it was with shock that I realized I had been endorsing those behaviors as well. I had liked his funny, “harmless” side so much I ignored what the character really represented: the basest of human characteristics. And I was unintentionally supporting those traits by being a “Deadpool fan.” It is impossible to approve of just one aspect of a movie and not support the rest of the garbage that comes along with it if you are laying your money down to see a film you know contains porn. Yes, folks, that’s what it is: porn. I know I’m going to be stepping on toes coming down hard like this, but we need to stop deceiving ourselves. Porn has consequences, be they insidious or blatant, and sooner or later they will find us out. Comedy is no excuse for vulgarity. Our culture has become so desensitized to nudity, profanity, extreme violence, and sex that it becomes easy to lose ourselves in the riptide of the world, especially if it’s wrapped up in a hilarious facade. After all, we are told “not to conform to the patterns of this world,” and while several of you have probably had this verse whacked over your head since you were a toddler, the message remains the same.  

Now, some of you are probably shaking your heads in amazement, wondering where the comic-loving Sarah went to, and why the sudden soapbox speech. Well, in the words of Supreme Leader Snoke, there’s been an awakening, and I can’t sit back in silence any longer and let you all assume my feelings on the subject. As attractive as riding the fence sounds (believe me, I’ve done it many times), we cannot in good conscience call ourselves followers of Christ if we’re not willing to take a stand on whatever the issue may be. Revelation 3:16 says Christ will spit the lukewarm out of His mouth; so be you hot or cold, don’t be lukewarm in your morals and beliefs. As Winston Churchill said, “If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.” Good ole’ Winny hit that proverbial nail right on the head. People are always watching us, and whether or not you believe me, someone, somewhere, is looking up to you as a role model. Scary much? It freaked me out.

To wrap this up, I’m not here to judge or criticize any of you, I only want to make you think and reflect a little as I publicly share my views on Deadpool and his movie. This is my own personal revelation, what you choose to do with this is up to you. I’d be happy to calmly and intelligently discuss this issue with you no matter your stance, but I do ask that you refrain from angry or rude comments, as these serve no purpose except to exacerbate an already controversial situation. I’m writing this because I care, not because I want to condemn. God bless, everyone.



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  1. sethdwatson says:

    Wow Sarah, thanks for your post! I really appreciate your honesty. I concur that to follow Jesus makes a huge difference in our lives as Christ-followers. I hope that many people listen to your wise words. -Seth

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